Monday, May 10, 2010

Precognition is not delusion

I can assure you that precognition is no delusion of mental illness (though those that suffer delusional disorder or schizophrenia or schizotypal disorders might include such impressions, actual or imagined, in their delusional complex, just as they do all of the normal human experiential possibilities--divorced from reality in their case, for the most part—though sometimes hard to tell, as the Native Americans, like most primitive cultures knew, regarding the whacked out as touched by the gods). The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming among ESP researchers, not to mention the occurrence in the literature of all cultures and times--and my personal experience (cast my stability as you will--I assert my grasp of human reality is probably more clear and comprehensive than most). The problem with psi research is that it antagonizes the TWIT (the western intellectual tradition, after Ornstein in Multimind) and it is not phenomenon that can be produced on demand for the verification of experimental science in the usual sense. That is because these kinds of events represent a portion of existence that originates from the spiritual/mind side rather than the physical. Yes, I see a Cartesian dualism, though I know at a fundamental level (e.g., quantum mechanical) the dualism breaks down in the "dimension of miracles" (using the sci-fi writer Robert Sheckley's term/title) as it were. If you look at the New Testament writings closely you'll see references to the early church matter-of-factly using ESP and precognition to protect themselves from the brutal repression of the Romans (and Jews). All that has been repressed and excluded from the church over the centuries--individual contact with the god-stuff being a little too conducive to anarchy for a monolithic social structure.

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