Monday, May 10, 2010

Comment on the literary arrangement of things

It is interesting to consider the literary arrangement of life. I like the path Robert Heinlein’s science fiction took in his later years; he seemed to be moving very close to merging the boundary between the idea of an author writing a story which included the paths of fictional lives, and the work of God, Who perhaps does the same thing in a very grand and mysterious way with all of our lives (our “Author” as it were). Arthur Schopenhauer apparently developed a similar idea in an obscure essay mentioned by Joseph Campbell in the Power of Myth series he did with Bill Moyers shortly before his death. I’ve been trying to find that essay, "Transcendent Speculations on Apparent Design in the Fate of the Individual," translated by David Irvine (London: Watts, 1913), for years without success [ see for a thread involving someone also on a hunt for that essay ]. This is perhaps a different view of causality (or the illusion of causality) than given by the Law of Attraction (which seems to me related to the concept of karma).

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