Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Just completed three or four months of research and writing, posting a comprehensive article on the measurement of CMOS input capacitance (among other things that came up in the process) along with SPICE (Ngspice-27) simulation code to accomplish that task:

CMOS article

I note that it is better to download the pdf than view it in your browser because GitHub may strip the hyperlinks (that I used generously to assure the reader could cross-reference material in the article quickly, as well as locate many of the references cited). The Ngspice-27 circuit code and model cards (BSIM4 with RF settings) are at the repository also:

CMOS measurement GitHub repo

Don't know what my next project will be, but I suffer physically and spiritually if I am not immersed in academic work, with the occasional interaction online with professionals or students in the particular area. That has included email exchanges with an Italian physics professor specializing in neutrino physics. It was interesting to hear of he and his family being sequestered during the first year of the COVID pandemic (was it 2020? I lose track of time). 

Of more interest to me during the time neutrino physics (had trouble getting the Italian to understand what I was saying, partly because of language perhaps, and partly because he may have assumed I did not know what I was talking about--I did get him interested in history at any rate after talking about the decline of the West and making parallels with events in the fall of the Roman Republic and the fall of the Empire a few centuries later) was my focus 2016 through early 2019 was some correspondence with an American physics professor who had been in the news a few times during his career, having directed some novel experiments involving the relation of light and matter (don't want to be too specific as that would identify him and I certainly don't want the fecal material routinely tossed at me to hit him). He immediately understood what I was getting at, i.e., that the usual thinking about the spatial extent of neutrino wave packets was founded on erroneous physics. I suggested that the true time constraint on the emergence of the neutrino in beta decays was the necessary time constraint on the W boson through which the neutrino is birthed as it were (in the erie world of quantum field theory hugely massive particles like the W+/- blink into being out of the vacuum, but like Cinderella, they must disappear again into the void within a certain almost infinetesimal time, the more brief their life the larger their mass energy). I was pleased that he agreed that I was correct, at least privately. I pushed a little too hard though when I spoke of my more radical views, which I freely admitted were speculative and not founded in hard physics as was my W constraint opinion. I noted that it was suspicious that neutrinos seemed to be involved whenever space-time violently expanded, e.g., the Inflation proposal early on and in core collapse supernovae events. I had tried to relate the current likely increase in neutrino production coinciding with the main sequence stars aging in our current epoch with the apparent increasing expansion of space-time itself, but the numbers did not come out right. I mentioned this idea to a physicist at Cambridge previously and rather hope he might develop it (could keep the credit).

At any rate, it is difficult for me to observe what is going on around me in America, in the world. Facebook has been a major factor in the rise of the Trumpites, more or less with the effect placing large mirrors around a baboon cage would have on the occupants. Yet, the idiot pc media immediately moves on from the story of Facebook perfidy to concentrate on Instagram and the self-image of teens. One wonders how their self-image could suffer, they having been taught by the perverted educational system of America that they are perfect in every way, that their slightest activity is commendable, that they can be anything they want to be, the latter being partly true at least in areas where pc/multicultural garbage is dominant, i.e., where true capability is not a factor. Along with the militant atheism of the pc multi establishment (more on that in a moment), it is not surprising that you see some little snot-weasel receive a new automatic from his trash parents and take it on in to school a couple of days later to execute some of his fellows more or less at random---and immediatley as for an attorney when he is apprehended, without a fight of course like the coward he is. I really wish they would stop instructing students and faculty to hide when one of these events occurs and to instead use their force of numbers to overwhelm and tear to pieces on the spot the assassin.

Christmas and pc/multi/militant godless heathens are hard-pressed to put on documentaries and movies involving anything but Christian faith and the actual story behind Christmas. They detest to even use the word Christmas, applying their cancel culture techniques here as well. Vacuous productions with actors recognizable to the new zombie population feature lots of excited pseudo-drama about "the season"--with a glaring hollow underpinning. What is "the season" and why does it mean anything? "The holidays"---Newspeak at its best. What is really worrisome is this powerful movement extends into anything remotely transcending the apparent goal of pc/multi-heathens to indoctrinate the entire population into believing they are simply bipedal rats (the latter certainly being true in many cases).

The once excellent Nova science documentaries are recruited in that man-beast doctrine to the point it is impossible to watch them now. "The Universe, all that is or was or ever will be"--none of the truly brilliant physicists of the early 20th centure would pronounce something so insolent and flatly false. The Big Bang is undeniable. The Universe, at least as it is today, clearly "was not all there is." Aside from the moronic declarations (I recall the grand conclusion on a geophysics documentary, "yes, at first the Earth was just rock---we came from rock"), the gesticulating spastics, pc appointees to academia who have been told that these antics are a good substitute for personality, is enough to make one vomit. Even acknowledging that they are desparate to hold the attention of a largely attention-defective population who now communicate more in animal calls (sequences of words that are repeated for any applicable occasion, the great creativity of human language tossed in the trash along with the rest of Western civilization), it is insufferable to me.

PBS and other media announce the growing crisis of fresh water availability---and never once mention the real problem, i.e., humans reproducing without limit, as so many bacteria in a pollute petri dish. Frontline examines the Boeing failures with the 737 Max and never acknowledges the true problem, i.e., the perversion of talented human endeavor by placing a parasite figurehead in charge and directing much of the income of the company into rewarding their "service." The Faux-News masses clutch at the myth of corporate leadership with a religious fervor, having never met any of these folks (as I have) or seen the true operation of engineering-based firms or the like. "They create jobs"---No! they destroy jobs, the parasites are brought in and told they can obtain more millions grotesquely in excess of the compensation of the true creators and workers of the company if they cause stock prices to rise (that is another idiocy---they idea that another class of leech can make an obscene living off of betting on the shares in once-legitimate businesses). The 737 crashes are a natural outcome of the separation of talent and leadership. An engineering company run by a "business major." They really should turn the former CEO over to the third-world countries whose citizens were slaughterd needlessly as a direct result of their decisions.

But back to science, huge projects like the Webb Space Telescope employ a satisfyingly diverse workforce for years so a bankrupt physics can desperately search for some clue as to what they are missing. Dark matter, dark energy? Really? You really must wonder if we have reached a point where we are simply dogs staring at a blackboard covered with calculus equation, completely unable to understand.

The media increasingly hints that the morons who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID are causing good people throughout America to be denied medical care (so the unvaccinated can flood the hospitals and force staff to work beyond human limits trying to keep their retarded asses alive). Why don't they come out and say the obvious, i.e., like a restaurant or any other gathering during a pandemic, patients unable to show proof of COVID vaccination should not be admitted to a hospital. They probably will quietly implement that protocol once the Pfizer antiviral treatments are given emergency treatment, i.e., when some obese jackass shows up at the local ER with COVID and no vaccination, they can hand them a box of antiviral pills and tell them to take 5 daily for 2 weeks, then let staff know how they are doing.

More and more media are reporting on the fixing of the vote in Trumpite states, the removing of honest officials at every level (or the removal of their power) and the implementation of laws and policies that will permit them to do what Trump asked in 2019, i.e., "just find a way to make me the winner." The current President may have to face a difficult decision in the event the next election is plainly fraudulently conducted in those states. I would suggest a true plebiscite conducted via the Internet (excluding Russian GRU operatives hopefully) to authorize the suspension of the election until such time as honest men and women regain control of their States (if the hospitals would simply stop treating the unvaccinated, that would hasten the process, grin).

Well, you might ask me, "Dalton, if you detest the pc/multi/heathens on one side and the white trash Trumpites on the other, where does that leave you?" That leaves me alone, thanking God for the occasional man or woman of good heart I meet along the way. The man who walks alone is in serious jeopardy of course, but I never had the tolerance for sacrificing my God-given dedication to truth and justice just to belong to some group or another. I join those down the centuries who have prayed for the direct hand of God in human affairs (the apocalyptics), knowing that the conditions are so dire that nothing else will suffice.

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