Thursday, April 1, 2021

Can I write a quick blog post?

 I have never succeeded in the past in blogging quickly. I feel the time is right. The wind is sporadically blowing my internet cell towers in the distance, effectively modulating the signal and ruining my bandwidth and consistency, so I must be quick. The powers that be enjoy nothing not so much as seeing me carefully write for an hour and then erase all of my work and present a blank page with note, "something went wrong." Not that I don't provide for this cruel trick by saving externally into gedit notepad occasionally (one burned twice wise).

I have been thinking about the insanity of homo sapiens, if it is still that species. We discovered that specialization by talent could create better products for societies of men. Then some artisans (originally all work was art, talent and creativity combined) thought they could offer more of their work if they sought out investment. That reasonable idea was perverted, as is always the case with anything human at this point, into a casino where parasites bet (literally) on the value of the certificates of investment in businesses. The parasites chosen to head those now mindless conglomerates are not the artists of the particular trade, but more of those who bleed out the work of others to simply accumulate wealth. They in turn are told their duty is to maximize the certificates of investors, rather than to help improve the products of the company that started the operation, the living that provided to workers, the benefit to society of the well-made offerings.

Then you have the politically correct gestapo controlling the media. I watch a NOVA report on krill death in the oceans (the primary food for many species). Not once to the address the cause---the Earth has become a rotting piece of fruit circling the Sun, overrun by an apparent species of bipedal maggot. Aside from my possibly hyperbole, you would have to be brainwashed or an idiot (and often the two occur together in the output of American colleges and universities these days) not to see that 7 billion humanoids and the filth and pollution they generate is no different from the situation in a petri dish when equally stupid bacteria continue multiplying until they end up embedded in their own waste and die.

Oh well, I am old and cannot continue forever (as Google seems to be reminding me occasionally regarding plans for my account should I disappear--for one reason or another). I am pleased about one thing lately. I did look into the NASA operation of space launches and found they somehow carry out successful operations, the actual placement of the project into orbit, based on distributed work across many locations. It is really a testimony to good management and high competence, even though much of the technology was inherited from earlier days of operations.

Got my 2nd Pfizer shot last week and pfeel fpretty good about it, though the second one made me feel like every orthopedic injury and other malady was enraged and trying to kill me by production of pain for about 10 hours. What price survival? Now I am protected...DOH!! Forgot about the busily mutating COVID-19 virus. I am beginning to wonder if God is simply fed up with us and has decided to drop the hammer---half the US assaulted by hurricanes and tornados, blizzards, heat waves and droughts and wildfires on the other parts...and a virus that mutates far more quickly and effectively than anything I have seen before (despite the frightened assurances otherwise).

The idiot media (see earlier comments) trumpets (I still feel nausea when I type that sequence of letters t-r-u-m-p) the 2 trillion cost of President Biden's proposed infrastructure plan while saying nothing about the cost of removing the legitimate taxes on the wealthy and corporations after that imbecile actor Reagan began the plan to destroy government (as other than an assistant to the oligarchy). The state of the infrastructure and living conditions, wages in America is a disgrace compared to any other Western nation (if they can still be so termed when their core cultures have been obliterated by our exported PC multicultural baloney). I wonder if the serfs in feudal Europe felt equally aligned with their feudal masters?

I am living in a nut house or some kind of experiment in devolution of primates. Welcome to my nightmare. Good night, and good luck.

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